Convention Presenters

PLEASE NOTE: The general submission deadline for the 2022 Conference has now passed. Applications received after 11/22/2021 will be considered for the 2023 conference, except those pre-arranged by the Between the Veils programming team.

About presenting at Between the Veils Conference 2022: The Gathering Paths

Between The Veils is excited to announce that we are now looking for presenters for our annual in-person conference, The Gathering Paths. The conference will be held Presidents Day weekend (Friday Feb 18th- Monday Feb 21st) at the DoubleTree by Hilton in San Jose, California. If you are interested in presenting please complete and submit this form. 

We ask that anyone wanting to apply, please read our Community Agreements in full and additionally, agree that your presentation meets the following criteria:

1.Inclusivity - We respect and welcome all people. We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior.

2. Anti-harassment - We do not tolerate any verbal, physical, or sexual intimidation and/or coercion.

3. Consent - Make sure you receive an enthusiastic “yes” from others before engaging in touch, sexual expression, engagement, and recording/sharing personal information including images. Be aware of power disparities that may be present.                                                                                                
4. Cultural appropriation - We recognize that cultural appropriation is a harmful behavior that includes using, often without permission, cultural traditions and practices which do not belong to one’s own ancestral heritage. This may include using these practices for monetary or personal gain. We do not tolerate such behavior. 

5. Accountability - Own your impact when you have caused harm. This can be healing to all involved. Let’s normalize it!

If your presentation is selected, BTV agrees to promote the conference and this specific presentation on social media, websites, email blasts, Patreon updates, and on our website.

BTV may be available to conduct interviews with our presenters, in which case presenters
would have the option to participate and can use the interviews for self promotion.

11/15/2021- Folks who apply after this date will be applying as a volunteer presenter. Volunteer presenters do not receive financial compensation for their presentation. However, they will still be added to the main schedule if their presentation is selected. Volunteer presenters will also get their registration comped, access to the presenter room, and and priority booking in the DoubleTree if lodging onsite, just as paid presenters do.

UPDATED Deadlines:
-UPDATED: Applications must be submitted no later than 5pm November 21st, 2021. 
-UPDATED Edits to submissions: December 15th, 2021
-UPDATED Sign a completed contract by January 5th, 2022