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We at Between the Veils have been watching the development of the COVID-19 Omicron strain closely, and know that our community have been too. We take the safety of our community very seriously, and have listened to the voices of those speaking up about the dangers of holding an in-person event right now. Due to the high risk of community spread, we have had to make the difficult decision to change the dates of our 2022 Gathering Paths conference which will now be held over the weekend of August 5th-8th, 2022. 

Applications to host a Suite will be evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis until January 2nd, 2022.

Our Partnerships committee will email applicants after their submissions have been evaluated to let them know if they have been approved or denied. At that time, approved applicants will receive a code to reserve their Suite, along with one complimentary Conference registration code.


About hosting a Suite at Between the Veils Conference 2022: The Gathering Paths

Community Suites (previously called 'Hospitality Suites') are rooms hosted by people and groups which welcome guests to come in and participate or partake of offerings. Suites are usually open in the evening and night, after the general program sessions are finished; though some may be open throughout the day and other hours.

Suites may offer anything from quiet spaces, to rituals, to parties, or more. Suite Hosts frequently offer spreads of food, drink, and other goodies to their guests. If a Suite Host intends to offer alcohol or host play parties/ other adult-only activities, we ask that they have a plan in place to prevent youth from being served or participating (see question inside submission form.)

Though Between the Veils coordinates and offers support to Suites, the programming inside the Suite is up to the Host- and ultimately the space is their rented room. 

We ask that anyone applying for a Suite read these Community Agreements in full, and decide whether their contribution can meet these requirements: 

1.Inclusivity - We respect and welcome all people. We do not tolerate discriminatory behavior.

2. Anti-harassment - We do not tolerate any verbal, physical, or sexual intimidation and/or coercion.

3. Consent - Make sure you receive an enthusiastic “yes” from others before engaging in touch, sexual expression, engagement, and recording/sharing personal information including images. Be aware of power disparities that may be present.                                                                                                
4. Cultural appropriation - We recognize that cultural appropriation is a harmful behavior that includes using, often without permission, cultural traditions and practices which do not belong to one’s own ancestral heritage. This may include using these practices for monetary or personal gain. We do not tolerate such behavior. 

5. Accountability - Own your impact when you have caused harm. This can be healing to all involved. Let’s normalize it!


If your suite is approved, Between the Veils agrees to promote the conference and this specific suite on social media, websites, email blasts, Patreon updates, and on our website.

Important Deadlines:

-Applications must be submitted no later than June 1st, 2022
-Sign a completed contract by June 15th, 2022
-Pay in full for your suite by July 1st, 2022
-Create a program for your suite, if applicable, by July 15th 

Suite hosts are responsible for:
-Paying the room rate, deposit, and incidentals.
-Ensuring any presentations, events, and parties happening in their suites abide by BTV's Community Agreements and policies
-Ensuring hotel rules & policies are upheld 
-Posting BTV's Community Agreements in a visible location within their suite

Room Rate for purchasing a Suite:
$129 for 1-2 lodging, $144 for 3 lodging, $159 for 4 lodging (tax and deposit not included)

About the Community Suite Rooms: 
hese are parlor suites that have a kitchen/bar area with microwave, mini fridge, and under the counter storage space. These rooms also include a lounging area for guests to comfortably visit, large bathtub, and an ensuite with a king size bed. The ensuite can be used for lodging suite hosts or it can be used as an extension of your community suite experience. there is also a couch in the lounging area that has a pull out mattress. 

Each community suite will include one complimentary conference pass. Community suites are encouraged to keep doors open for regular in and out access as well as socializing hours as often as possible, but closed door events and reasonable closing times are perfectly welcome, and we are flexible about what that means to each Suite's Host. Hosts are also encouraged to keep Covid-safe snacks such as things that are individually wrapped and packaged, and to think about pandemic health and sanitary precaution when planning their Suite.