Things to know about vending at our Convention

Our Vendor Room is an integral path of this conference. We are specifically looking for artisanal, hand crafted, or rare finds that our community will enjoy. The vendor room will be hosted on the first floor of the hotel in the ballrooms right next to registration and the stairway to the main presentations. 


The vendor room will open to vendors Friday early morning. We expect to open the vendor room to the public at 2pm on Friday. The hours for the vendor room will be 8am - 10pm on Saturday and Sunday and on Monday the vendor room will be open at 8am, but close to the public at 2pm. You will have the rest of the day to pack up your spaces.  You will be provided one table about 6x2 feet. You are free to bring in your own decorations and equipment, but you cannot hang things on the walls of the hotel. 


Since this is our first year, we expect a minimum of 500 attendees, but cannot guarantee more than 1,000. Because this event will be taking place during Covid we are requiring all our attendees, presenters, and vendors to show proof of vaccination.


Also, we ask that any products or imagery that could be cultural appropriation not be used during this event. This includes sage that was not ethically sourced, dream catchers,  arrowheads, voodoo dolls, etc. If you are part of the culture that these products come from or you have permission to sell these products from that culture please let us know in the open field below. We will be vetting our vendors and do not want to deny anyone because of a misunderstanding. We will be bringing any concerns to our BIPOC advisory committee for review. 

Registering as a Vendor

Please click the button below to view vending spaces, prices, and reserve your spot. If you have any questions, please email

Former Vendors

To help get an idea for the types of vendors we look for, peruse these vendors from our 'Prelude' event earlier this year.

Wild man.jpeg

The Art of Valerie Herron

Valerie Herron is a Seattle based illustrator of the mythological, the macabre, and the absurd. She received her BFA in illustration at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, OR.

Valerie has illustrated numerous books including The Book of the Great Queen by Morpheus Ravenna, as well as two Lovecraft anthologies The Book of Starry Wisdom and The Book of the Three Gates by Strix Publishing. 

See all her works and wears at Her Website


The Different Drum

As Don says -- I didn’t seek out the drums, they called me. They’ve pushed me to places I never suspected existed, but the journey has been well worth it. Care to join me?

Find Don's drums at these websites
Home page
Etsy page 


Blue Moon Designs

Blue Moon Designs by Katherine the Great creates fashionable and functional utility accessories, made one at a time in her home studio in Vallejo, CA. 

Katherine uses reclaimed materials to create body-positive and empowering pocket belts & holster hoodies as well as illuminated bustle skirts, headdresses, and jewelry made with glowing LED lights. Katherine infuses her designs with a unique blend of Renaissance faire, Victorian, steampunk, and Burning Man aesthetic sensibilities.


See all her wears at Blue Moon's Etsy Page


Off Kilter Kilts

The home of Verillas West, Off Kilter Kilts has been outfitting festival attendees and pagans for fun or formal for years. Whatever your flavor they have a kilt and jewelry for you! Traditional, pride, and punk.


See all there wears at Off Kilter Kilts Website

baby hands.jpeg

Forge and Fountain

Forge and Fountain is a husband and wife team of sacred makers specializing in jewelry, accessories, and magical tools. With respective backgrounds in fine art and blacksmithing, their work is a unique alchemy of sophisticated design and rustic, old world charm. 


See their wears on their websites for both Forge and Fountain and Wild Empress Magic


House of Wormwood

Wilamina Wormwood hand-crafts unique collections of vegan Washwares & Wickwares, and Mudlarkian Millinery, for those who enjoy a theatrical lifestyle. Her journey to becoming an Alchemist is incredible and I personally suggest everyone read her story 


But if you just want nice things you can find it on the House of Wormwood website


Shauna Aura Knight

Shauna creates mythic mixed-media artwork and jewelry working with themes of magic, mysticism, and spirituality. She also writes books and teaches workshops on topics of Pagan leadership, facilitating ecstatic ritual, and personal transformation. Shauna will be available in the vendor room on Saturday!


Online Shop (Artwork) 
Main website 
Links to social media 


Coffee at Midnight

Coffee at Midnight is a webshop for witches, pagans, and polytheists who want tools that are useful and distinctive. We specialize in cotton and silk storage bags for tarot decks and other divination tools, and carry a variety of spread cloths, altar cloths, and tarot wraps made from new and vintage specialty fabrics.


New for 2021, we're introducing a line of herbal spell powders that can be used in candle dressing and more! Browse through our popular selection of informative mini and full-size zines and other publications by polytheist author Silence Maestas.

Find yourself something nice at their Etsy Shop 


Pragmatic Pagan Podcast

The Pragmatic Pagan Podcast focuses on a science based Pagan Witchcraft practice, no deities included - and I am going LIVE at Between the Veils Con with 15 minute sessions between events - a great way to get grounded and explore the science of witchcraft. Join us on the vendor floor to learn more! 

The Pragmatic Pagan podcast explores the basics of a pagan witchcraft practice, what it means to practice deity free, and how to bring a little magick into your everyday life. With everything from how to cast a circle, to more advanced astral meditations -- The Pragmatic Pagan has a little something for all Pagan practitioners. 

You can listen on your favorite podcast platform and find The Pragmatic Pagan on Patreon for even more free content!

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