Conference Vendors

We at Between the Veils have been watching the development of the COVID-19 Omicron strain closely, and know that our community have been too. We take the safety of our community very seriously, and have listened to the voices of those speaking up about the dangers of holding an in-person event right now. Due to the high risk of community spread, we have had to make the difficult decision to change the dates of our 2022 Gathering Paths conference which will now be held over the weekend of August 5th-8th, 2022. 


Things to know about vending at our Conference


The vendor room will be hosted on the first floor of the hotel in the ballrooms right next to registration and the stairway to the main presentations. 


The vendor room will open to vendors Friday morning. We expect to open the vendor room to the public at 2pm on Friday. The hours for the vendor room will be 10am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday and on Monday the vendor room will be open at 8am, but close to the public at 2pm. You will have the rest of the day to pack up your spaces.  You will be provided one table about 6x2 feet. You are free to bring in your own decorations and equipment, but you cannot hang things on the walls of the hotel. 


Since this is our first year, we expect between 500-1,000 guests. Because this event will be taking place during Covid, we are requiring all our attendees, presenters, and vendors to show proof of vaccination.


Also, we ask that any products or imagery that could be cultural appropriation not be used during this event. This includes sage that was not ethically sourced, dream catchers,  arrowheads, voodoo dolls, etc. If you are part of the culture that these products come from or you have permission to sell these products from that culture please let us know in the open field below. We will be vetting our vendors and do not want to deny anyone because of a misunderstanding. We will be bringing any concerns to our BIPOC advisory committee for review. 

Our Vendors: The Gathering Paths 2022

Kitchen Witch Gourmet

Step Into the world of potions, elixirs and tea magic when you explore the world of magically infused teas and spices with Kitchen Witch Gourmet. Whether you are looking for a potion to help you sleep, an elixir to lift your libido, or simply to add the spice of life to your meals. Try our delicious edible magic in a cup or on your spoon.
Wishing Well.jpg

Mary Ancilla Art

Mary Ancilla Martinez creates original oil paintings, prints, tapestries and more. She finds inspiration in themes exploring a variety of predominantly feminine archetypes. She works using fairy tales, folk tales, myths and legends from around the world, as well as nature and her own life experiences. The power and magnificence of animals, birds and insects often appear in Mary's work as allegory for emotional states, transitions or as spirit guides.
Mary Ancilla Martinez  Fire Within.jpg


Creator of handmade leather costume pieces and accessories. Specializes in upcycling various materials and making you look damn fine!

Blue Moon Designs 

Blue Moon Designs by Katherine the Great features fashionable utility accessories for everyBODY handcrafted in my home studio in Vallejo. My fancy yet practical pocket belts and holster hoodies are an elegant and empowering complement to your favorite attire. My light-up LED bustles, headdresses, hair clips, and necklaces allow your inner light to shine brightly.
Blue Moon Designs.jpg

Forge and Fountain

Forge and Fountain is a husband and wife team of sacred makers specializing in jewelry, accessories, and magical tools. With respective backgrounds in fine art and blacksmithing, their work is a unique alchemy of sophisticated design and rustic, old world charm.
Forge and Fountain.jpg

Mystic Stone Wizard Staffs

Staffs, scepters, and wands hand made from organically grown cannabis.
These pieces are an exercise in sharing the beauty and power that
exists in nature and in everything we create. My intention is to help
others connect to the universal cosmic flow using magical and
meaningful materials crafted with intention, joy, and love. I want
people to be able to have something that will remind them of their
power and awesomeness!
Space Coaster 13.jpg

Moss Hollow Hill

As a fiber artist, Susan creates a world of handmade felted magic inspired by nature, literature, and upcycling and she thrives on learning new techniques. Living at Mosshollow Hill allows her to combine her two passions: creating and teaching.
Moss Hollow Hill.jpg


I work in several mediums utilizing a variety of techniques: relief woodblock printmaking, watercolor, “relief painting” and jewelry.. My work is inspired by the wonderful personalities of various animals living with me on my hobby farm (including emus, miniature donkeys, a peacock and an alpaca), as well as the ocean world due to my 33 years working at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Celtic Art Store 

Your place for unique Labyrinth Mindful Tracing Art, Labyrinth Therapy Art, and Labyrinth Apparel, Gifts and More.
Celtic Art Store.jpg

The Different Drum

I make Magickal Drums for Magickal people. Of course, if you really want to get involved, I can help you make your own, too.

Off Kilter Kilts 

The home of Verillas West, Off Kilter Kilts has been outfitting festival attendees and pagans for fun or formal for years. Whatever your flavor they have a kilt and jewelry for you! Traditional, pride, and punk.

Maxine Miller Studios

Maxine is a celebrated artist whose work centers around the Celtic and Pagan cultures. She has devoted many years of her artistic life to honoring and illuminating these traditions for people of today. Her work is rich with exquisite detail and symbolism

Sharon Knight 

Music, art, and collectibles created and curated by Neofolk Romantique musician Sharon Knight.
Sharon Knight.jpg

Opal Moon Designs 

Kerrie Kordowski is a professional costume designer & the creator of Opal Moon Designs. Originally from New York, Kerrie moved to San Francisco in 1999 and found herself creatively invigorated by the colors and textures of the city and its surroundings. She quickly became active in the local artist community and began making costumes for SF shows and street fairs. Chiefly inspired by ancient mythology & science fiction, Kerrie found her signature design style could be described as “Tribal Sci-Fi”.
Opal Moon Designs.jpg

House of Wormwood 

25 years the story teller, Wilamina Wormwood’s Washwares & Wickwares are more than what meets the eye. Her House of Wormwood showcases theatrical Wares inspired by nature, fantastical literature, and world traveling. Created with positive intentions, rich with lore, fan-fiction, and backstory, every vegan product is a gift for those who love a flare for drama!

The Enchanted Wren 

I am a paper and fiber artist, creating all manner of things inspired by nature, magic, and enchantment, seeing magic as art and art as magic. Creating is where my personal magic is strongest, and I'm always pushing myself to see just how far (or small) I can go!


Artist Ruby Smith creates ornate ritual totem adornments & gothic jewelry, implementing various techniques and mediums. She crafts them in moonlight, while most of the world sleeps, etched with metal scribe, hand stamped esoteric sigils in brass & copper, talisman sculpted in molten metal, art painted with delicate bristles, works torched in flame, or encased in glass like surfaces, encrusted fossils and minerals, embellished with intricate wires, imbued with Vintage remnants and found objects of past lives, antiqued in dark patinas, formed with calloused fingers, and sent out into the world with undying love. 

Amber Magic 

Handcrafted amber and other precious stone jewelry by Prudence Priest 
Amber Magic.jpg
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